Testimonials -
Collected from numerous review sites found on the web.

"The service and communication at UBS are the best in the area hands down. One of if not the only shop I trust to handle any type of job with my BMW. They always do their best to get you the lowest price and get your keys back in to your hands as quickly as possible. Ever since I found this shop, I haven’t gone anywhere else. Dan is always a huge help and his team are phenomenal. The mechanics are clearly experienced and knowledgeable. 10/10 highly recommend."

"Excellent experience with Dan, he was incredibly professional and more helpful than you can imagine! UBS went above and beyond my expectations when it came to purchasing my new 128i. Would absolutely recommend and will certainly be returning to purchase again."

"The best BMW Service anywhere!"

"Best people working on your BMW. Couldn't have been happier with their service. I interacted with 3 people while I was there and all of 'em were amazing"

"Great service all BMW certified mechanics I know 5 people that use them all happy customers."

"This shop is quite a drive from where I lived, but their pricing was very competitive. I wanted someone with experience working on BMW's to fix mine and was very satisfied with their work. They were able to get me in quickly and on my way. I would not hesitate bringing my car back to them. They are super friendly and make sure all your needs are met. Also their pricing is much more reasonable than the dealers.​"

"Let me start by saying that the quality work that they do here is excellent. If you are a BMW driver, then this is the shop for you. Even more so if you are an enthusiast as both the owners and staff are all true enthusiasts themselves. I also recently purchased a car from them and the sales experience was one of the best I've had. They had no problem standing behind their vehicle, and were incredibly willing to go through the car with me in detail, describing common problems associated with the model and discussing what is important to look for on those vehicles so I could see and know exactly what I was buying. When we did find a small leak, they were more than willing to do the repair. I am incredibly happy with my purchase, and even happier with the whole experience including both the purchase as well as all work I've had done by them on my other car. I would highly recommend  Ultimate Bimmer Services to any BMW driver who wants piece of mind knowing their car is in good hands with a friendly and competent staff. I couldn't be happier with my decision to start using this shop for all my BMW needs."

"Been remiss in not adding a review. I’ve been bringing my 2014 BMW here since it was new for various track upgrades and work. Quality work at very fair prices. Can’t recommend them enough."

"Quick and efficient friendly staff nice environment, I would recommend this to everyone own a bmw"

"I brought my 2001 BMW M-Roadster to Ultimate BMW Services for the first time this week.  My experience was top notch and the work exceeding expectations.  The service encompassed a change in the clutch master to slave line, a job I could do at home but decided to trust UBS with the task.  The work was completed in a timely fashion and the charges more than fair.  I will return for sure!"

"They recently installed a tow package on my 2015 X5. I couldn't be happier. I was kept informed every step of the way and they stuck to the quoted price. I feel I've found my dependable BMW shop."

"This place is outstanding! Nothing in the area comes close and the owners (Corey and Heather) are true BMW enthusiasts. Their professionalism, knowledge of the cars and down to earth attitudes are awesome. This is the best BMW shop that I've ever visited. Keep up the great work and I will continue to recommend to Ultimate Bimmer Services to family and friends."

"Honest friendly and top notch work. They really know BMWs. Great people!"

"I own several BMW's 1997 M3, 1998 M3, and a 2006 X5 4.8is all of which have and will continue to be serviced at Ultimate Bimmer Services. I have been to other shops in the area previously and they do not compare to Ultimate Bimmer.. They are above all, honest, and their prices beat their competitors considerably. And most importantly unnecessary repairs are not performed where I have been to other shops and was told I needed a particular repair when in fact I did not. Being a BMW enthusiast I am very particular with whom works on my car, I completely trust this repair shop with my automobiles."

"Our first experience was after a BMW dealer advised us that we needed several thousand dollars of work done on our X5. We brought our vehicle to this garage and the owner confirmed what we believed, that some of the work the dealer suggested was unnecessary. What did need to be done, was completed by Ultimate BMW for about 2/3 of what the dealer had quoted. Our car has had several repairs at Ultimate BMW over the last 2 years. The owners are honest, fair, reasonably priced and the work is of the highest quality. We have sent several friends to this garage and all of them have been VERY satisfied with their experience"

"Awesome service. Knowledgeable & caring staff. Great prices."

"I first "tested" this shop out with a sunroof issue on an e39 M5 soon after they opened. I knew what was wrong with it and wanted to see how it was handled as I was seeking a quality independent shop to work on my fleet of BMWs. Corey immediately and correctly diagnosed the problem, and even found a way to repair it for less money than I expected. Since then, I have been taking all of my BMWs to him, including two e36 M3s, an e30 M3 track car, the Dinan e39 M5, a 4.4L X5, a 3.5d X5, and an e92 LRP M3. He has done everything from oil changes to suspension repairs to motor and transmission mounts to clutch replacement and more. In each case, UBS has been honest and transparent, and has found ways to save me money. I highly recommend UBS for any work on your BMW."

"They have taken such good care of us. I wouldn't trust my BMW to anywhere else. Extremely friendly and professional."

"Big thanks to the UBS Team for always providing TOP-NOTCH service!!! This place is the only dealer alternative for servicing your BMW, I would not let anybody but these guys touch my car. Always extremely quick finishing jobs!"

"This is the only place i will have my bmw serviced from now on. Friendly people i enjoy giving my business to and great service at fair prices. They fixed a nagging problem and found the root cause in one visit. The dealer was guessing and charging me for each service even when they did not fix the problem. A great find."

"Nice people, easy to work with. Cost effective and honest. Super good communication, too. Their facebook profile is currently showing an E30-era M3 and an E36. They've got their priorities right!"

"I was tempted to provide a rating of only 4 stars as typically the ends of a scale are somewhat questionable and less believable. That being said, I couldn't think of a reason why Corey, Heather and their team don't deserve 5 stars!  If I had to describe Ultimate Bimmer Services in one word it would be "INTEGRITY". If I need help troubleshooting a problem or a repair done on my BMW in the future, this is the only place I'll be taking it."

"After using other independent shops over the last 11 years for my 745i, I was finally told last year to cut my losses. I then stopped in to meet Cory and Heather. Cory took on the dreaded weep hole leak that is the death of these N62 engines.. That was a year ago, and now, after many more enjoyable miles (and help with a few other fixes), I'm happy to say they've taken great care of both and my car. They are honest and fair, understand our addiction to these cars, will explain every detail of the repairs and why, and can take on any issue that the dealer can at a fraction of the cost. A great service for the BMW community. Thank you Cory and Heather."

"Excellent place, work done on time and far less than the other BMW repair facilities in the area. Great people to deal with, very professional and courteous. Highly recommend to everyone-give them a chance to earn your business also-you won't be disappointed."

"I will be a loyal repeat customer because they truly care about providing the BEST service without overcharging! They are honest, personable and have outstanding integrity. They helped me with my 128i issue and earned my confidence! I highly recommend them!"

"Just got my car inspected there today for some weird suspension issue and noise I was having. After an hour they already figured out the problem and got me an itemized list of various other issues found. I decided to leave a great review because they were the only garage willing to listen to my emails rambling about the issue and figure out it wasn't what I thought it was. I thought that was very cool. They were all really personable and communicative and did the inspection in good time. I'll definitely be going back for any problems I can't handle. Thanks guys."

"Excellent, experienced, honest, and reasonable! Great BMW shop."

"In May I bought my first BMW, a 2011 328i xDrive. Hearing how expensive repairs were going to be, I decided to swap out a burnt out lightbulb. I was of course going to install two of them, since the other one was probably right behind it and would need replacing soon. So off to Autozone store... I bought a pair of low beams. How hard could it be? Even for a non-mechanic, I should be able to do-it-myself right? So, where do I go to find out how-to-do? Youtube...looked easy enough but video really only showed before and after, not actually how because your hand is in the way trying to remove, hold in place and reclip it in there with just the one hand. All you mechanical guys can stop laughing but nope, I not only couldn't do this little thing, I dropped the light down into the sealed wheel well because the instruction video said I needed to cock the wheel by turning in and removing the panel up under the wheel well. Long story short, I was embarrassed and wondered what they'd say if I went somewhere and asked them to please install two light bulbs I already bought and please find the one I dropped in the wheel well - I was not looking forward to it. I did a google on BMW repairs and Corey's shop showed up and their reviews sold me so I, on impulse, decided to stop in at 4:55pm - he had a customer and closed at 5PM so I was turning around to leave and Heather said, no wait-I'm sure he can look at it at least today and give you an estimate. So I waited - 15 mins past close he was done and I told him my problem. He then did two things for me - one, he didn't laugh or smirk at me. Two, since it was going to rain before he'd be able to schedule me, he told me he was worried water would get in there and turn a minor thing into a major problem with the wire harness assembly. He insisted he'd better do it right now instead so he did - repaired it right on the spot, stayed 45 mins past closing helping this idiot with a botched do-it-yourself job! He charged me some ridiculous low amount ($20 bucks I think) for his trouble. I was SO impressed with both Corey and Heather's awesome customer service - I mean he was more worried about my BMW getting wet than I even knew was a real concern - I would have waited because I didn't know what he knew could happen letting it go even a day. I've since had back brake rotors replaced here and I can't say enough good things about them and I highly recommend them if you need work on your BMW! Thanks Heather and Corey!"

"I don’t often write reviews, but these guys are fantastic! The folks at Ultimate Bimmer Services possess that rare combination of both technical know how and customer service (plus they have WiFi and coffee).


I was having a perplexing (to me) issue with the cooling system on my 2003 530i. They promptly, dare I say instantly, diagnosed my cooling problem. Moreover, they obtained the necessary parts and corrected the problem
in a day. There was a related followup issue that they also promptly fixed at no additional cost. Outstanding service!"