Ultimate Bimmer Services is fully capable of performing complete diagnosis of any problem on any BMW vehicle using the same sophisticated equipment used by the dealership. Routine repairs and maintenance are offered, and we also offer more involved services and repairs that require a more in depth knowledge of how your BMW operates. Below are a list of some high level repairs that we are experienced in.


Intake Valve Cleaning

Does your six cylinder turbocharged BMW lag or stumble on acceleration? Your intake valves may have carbon build up, robbing your engine of horsepower.

n62 valve seal replacement.jpg

Valve Seal Replacement

Does your V8 BMW leave a cloud of smoke behind it when it takes off after idling for a few minutes? It may be time to replace your valve seals. When these seals fail they allow engine oil to leak past the valves into the combustion chamber. When this excess oil is burned along with the air/fuel mixture in your combustion chamber it creates a puff of smoke from your tailpipe. Call with your year and model for an estimate. You will be surprised at how much we can save you.


full Electrical Diagnosis

Our state of the art diagnostic equiptment gives us the ability to read codes, actuate components, check signals and sensors in multiple control modules in your BMW which leads to an accurate diagnosis. We currently have the ability to program and encode all control modules. The equipment we use provides the same capability that you would have at any dealership.